Power Manifesting

How to Unlock Your Full Potential as a Leading Edge Creator

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Nick Breau
Nick Breau

Nick Breau is a Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, and International Breakthrough Specialist focused on mindset and the Law of Attraction. He's helped men and women in over 25 countries overcome their biggest blocks to personal and professional success. His personal success has included playing a key role in a tech company acquired for over $330 million USD and growing his personal coaching practice with a team of practitioners covering six countries around the world. Nick can often be found offering and attending seminars around the world and he's been seated in the Abraham-Hicks hotseat 9 times.


About this course


What will you find in this course?

  • The foundational teachings Nick has used for his own personal success (from million dollar manifestations to his dream relationship) as well as the success of his clients.
  • Action steps and content specific to the manifestation of love and relationships, money, health and other topics.
  • Powerful meditations he's created and shares with his private clients.
  • Community. You'll find a support group to help answer your questions and interact with other leading edge alignment seekers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course cost anything?
At the current time, No. I've been inspired to make this course available for free, in order to help uplift and make this material accessible to anyone. In other words, you've earned full access to this course with ease through your vibration.
How long do I have access to the course?
As long as you want to have access.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Then you should take it again so that you can learn to stop allowing circumstances to dictate your emotional state :) (Seriously though you've got nothing to lose).
Will I see results?
That depends, are you willing to do the work?
What kind of manifestations have you seen in your clients?
I've seen clients manifest money, relationships, careers. I've seen clients overcome medical conditions when doctors said it wasn't possible. I've seen lasting positive shifts in anxiety and depression. I've seen coaches and business people take their businesses to the next level. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, the topic doesn't matter, what matters is your alignment and your vibration.